Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Cuddle nights

Emma is my quality time child.  She loves to get time with anyone she loves.  It can be just as simple as coloring at the table with her to taking her on special little trips without her brother:)  She craves that time and blossoms when she gets it.  Her favorite thing is to get to fall asleep in my bed on the weekends.  We hold hands and she falls asleep.  She only gets to do that on the weekends.  Then, we move her to her bed after a little bit.  That part is getting harder as she is getting bigger and harder to carry across the house to her room, but we still do it.

Tonight is a Tuesday, but she got to hold my hand tonight and fall asleep on daddy's pillow.  She earned that right for sure today.  Today Emma had to go through a medical test that she does not enjoy at all.  She has had it a few times in her lifetime, and she really hates it.  To be honest, I really don't blame her, it is not the funnest test.  Well, one of her doctors needed the test redone from last year to see what it showed now.  We are working on some future medical plans for a few of Emma's medical conditions and this test would tell us which path we would be starting on.

Which meant early this morning we headed to the fourth floor medical tower of Vandy Children's and had the test.  I went alone with Emma, while daddy had Taylor, this was a first of me going alone with her.  But we did a great job, well once she quit screaming and let the tech do her job.  Luckily it is not a long test and really lucky for us, she stopped screaming once we got started.  However, it did take me and another nurse holding her down to get the prep stuff done.  No mom should have to do that, but sadly it wasn't the first time I have held her done for a medical procedure.

So, yes when she looked at me at dinner tonight and asked can we cuddle tonight, I said yes.  I would do anything to help wipe the tension of the morning from her face.  So, I held my sweet nine year old's hand, while she fell asleep in her princess gown and clutching her duck in her arms.  That sweet duck as been in her arms since her NICU days.  She maybe getting older but she will always be my baby girl.  I just hope I have another year or two of her wanting cuddle nights, minus the morning of medical test for sure however!!!!

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