Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My girl Rocks!!

Just a moment to brag on my sweet girl!  She had to pick one of her stuffed animals to right a speech about for class.  The speech had to be about why the animal would make a great class mascot.  Emma choose her Bravery buddy named Emma.  Yep she won!  In her speech she told how she made her brave when at the hospital and that she could help them all to be brave.  She won by a landslide her teacher said!  That is my girl, she is braver then anyone I have ever meet.  After a full school day today, she went to physical therapy to get a sleeve to help her core support, then went to get her new ear mold fitted, and then went to an hour of speech before making it home at 6:35!  She was still smiling!  I just love her!!

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