Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A hiking we will go...

It was so nice yesterday!  It was a sunny fall day, and Taylor and I decided to enjoy every bit of it we could.  We headed about a mile from our house to a local state park to hike to the hidden lake and throw rocks in it.  Taylor did great, I tried to turn him around a few times before we got to the lake part but he wanted to keep going.  We ended up hiking/ running and laughing along the trail for about an hour total.  I was tired and so was he.  I did carry him a little ways but more for snuggles then for a real need. 

 We felt bad sissy didnt get to go, so we stopped at another small local state park on the way home. Yes, we have two near us, very near us.  It is right on the river and not much to it, but it was a fun adventure.  It use to be a mill and part of it is still there to look at, and we got a few cute photos.  

 Today was a little more cloudy, but still warmish (before the rain hit). I had today off since we were closed, and we decided to head back to Cheekwood this week for Tuesday for Tots art and some more hiking.  Taylor had a blast making a his craft, and then we headed to the cool sculpture trail.  However, sadly it was cut short due to sprinkles of rain.  He cried halfway back to the main part of the gardens.  But lucky for him, it stopped and we got to play more with the dump trucks and dirt outside the art building.  It was a fun morning till it started to rain for real and we headed back to the car to go home to nap. 

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