Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Thankful for...

Being a special needs parent, is not always easy and it is definitely not glamorous.  However, it is full of the most wonderful moments amidst some of the hardest moments.  Today, I am thankful for those moments, those brief and magically moments, that help carry me through the storms that come when dealing with a medically complicated and hearing impaired child.

Emma has been through more in her life then most children and some adults have been through.  But it has never slowed her spirit down.  She has taught me to see the beauty around me on simple walks down the street or hikes in the woods.  She has taught me to dance and sing no matter how tired or worn down we both are.  Life is an adventure for her and she wakes everyday ready to take it on.

This week is one of those crazy weeks, where there are more doctors to be seen then days of the weeks, school functions to attend and both parents working.  But today while I finally got one moment to sit on the couch and do nothing, I got a wonderful phone call.  One of her teachers called to touch base about her school year so far.  Now, I have to say, when I saw the school number thirty minutes before she should be boarding the bus, my heart sank.  Oh no what could be wrong.  I was so surprised and pleased it was a good phone call!!

The teacher called to let me know that Emma was doing so well at school this new nine weeks.  She seemed to be relying on her assistant less and less and looking to her teacher and friends to help if she needed it, she was answering correctly more questions then last year, recalling facts easier, and going with the flow of the day much better.  I wanted to dance around the kitchen!  I am so proud of her.  No she might not be on the A honor roll, but to me her progress so far this year, is way more better then all A's.  Emma has spent the last two years trying sooooooo hard to learn and things seem to be finally falling into place.  I am so proud and honored to be her mom!

I am thankful that seven and half years ago, I gave birth this spunky, blue eyed child.  She has taught me a new way of life, I have had more sleepless nights, and more laughs then I can count.  Thank you God for my sweet Rose.  I am not sure what the coming weeks and years will bring, but I know who holds the future, and with that I rest easy tonight.  My growing Rosie has a God who loves her more then me, and He has her back!

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