Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Happy Windy Halloween

So, unless you live near me you might not know that Halloween was a yucky mess.  Many areas postponed trick or treating due to the storms that hit that day.  It rained all day, and it slowed down around trick or treat time, but the wind was so bad it knocked trees down and leaves all over the place.  So, we had to move to Plan B on Thursday.  Taylor got to attend a party at the library I work at, and he had lots of yummy cookies for lunch.  Emma has choir till 4 so after she was done, Daniel and I, took the kids to McKay's used bookstore for trick or treating.  They gave them great goody bags and they even got a dollar towards a book, Score for my book loving kids.  They each got a good book to bring home!  Then, we headed to Publix to trick or treat.  They had five little stations around the store and the kids thought it was fun to play in the grocery store.  Afterwards we met Daniel's mom at Red Robin for dinner and the kids spent the night with Nana, so daddy and mommy could work Friday.  Emma was out of school for parent teacher conference day.

Friday after we both got off work and the kids got home from Nana.  Meme and Papa brought Hudson my nephew up to our house and we ate pumpkin pizza from Papa Murphy's and got ready for some real trick or treating.  Our good friends the Huff girl's also joined us.  We had three beautiful princesses, a dirt bike racer and Woody from Toy Story.  We had a lot of fun walking the kids to each house and laughing at them being so excited.  However, they quickly tired and we returned home.  Where my two and Hud had more fun handing out candy and making s'mores on our fire pit we had in the front yard.  It was fun to see all the other kids and relax by the flames.

Enjoy some photos from our windy but fun Halloween:

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