Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Wheels on the Bus

The Wheels on the Bus finally got to bring my brave, sweet girl home.  She has begged since starting Pre-K, to ride the bus.  This year, after a the first week of sitting for almost an hour with my two year old in car rider line, we started the long process to get her on the bus.  I will not bore you, with the amount of emails, a few phone calls, and almost two months of waiting, but patience won!  Emma got to ride the bus home yesterday for the first time. 

I will not lie, I was  a wreck!  This is a huge step of faith to allow someone else to drive my baby home.  However, we have a few safeguards in place, she is riding a bus with other kids who are exceptional education kids, she has a seat belt, and there is an aide on the bus to help.  Both the aide and driver seem nice.  However, I was still a mess yesterday.  My mom even came to stand outside my house waiting, then the bus was late.  To be honest I was about two minutes away from calling the school when it showed up:)  

The picture below was sent to me by her teacher, to show my how proud she was getting on for the first time.
 This was her working hard to get down the steps at our house.  Love her little tongue out showing how hard she was working.

The bus was late again today, and I was nervous, but talked with the driver and they should not be that late again.  Emma is loving her big girl status as bus rider and we are so very proud of what a huge leap of independence this is for her.  A year ago this could not have happened, but now we feel she is able to handle it and do well.  (We did tell her we would pick her up again if she decides she does not like it).

But for know, the wheels on the bus go around and around all the way to my door!!  I have to say: the extra hour a day is nice for me, and Taylor is getting a much longer nap!

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