Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My Prayer For This School Year

In two mornings, I will be walking Emma into a new classroom, the emotions that I am feeling are out of control.  It is such a mixed bag when you are a special needs parent.  I know how much Emma loves school, misses having that structure and longs to be surrounded by lots of friends.  But.....

I fear so many things as the new school year rapidly.  Will her parapro be good and take good care of her, will she get hurt (has happened), will her IEP be put into place and work this year, will her new teacher understand her unique needs and be able to reach her, will her new teacher communicate well with me, since Emma cant always, and so on and so on.  Yes I know I worry too much, but it is who I am:)  I am working on it and praying about it.

But this school year I am trying to worry about all of that less and pray instead.  My prayer this year is:

Dear Farther,
Please watch over my sweet Rosie as she goes back to school.  School is not always so easy for her, but she loves it so much.  Please help her mind to be open to new skills, her hearing aids tuned to learn, and her voice full of love and respect.  I pray that you align special friends near her, who will love her for who she is and protect her from those who may not treat her so nicely.  I pray you protect her heart from the pain other's may cause when they are unkind to her and leave her behind because she is not as fast or able to climb like them. You know how she loves all and does not understand those who are unkind. Protect and guide her during this new adventure dear Lord.  Give me the peace to leave her and trust in you.


I am trying, but still afraid.  But our uniforms are hung, almost all her supplies bought and her backpack is waiting.  Ready or not Thursday will be here soon.. till then I get one more day of Summer love!

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