Sunday, July 28, 2013

Is Summer really almost over

Emma starts first grade in four days, could that really be true?  Summer for my school district is really short.  They are on a modified year around schedule so we only get two months off for summer.  It is good in a few ways but it is hard to believe days of swimming and late nights catching fireflies are already over.  Wow! 

It has been an amazing summer!  I have tried hard to focus on the kids and making great memories.  We have done so much and I will try to do a summer bucket list post very soon!  I have a temporary desktop so I can do a little more blogging now.  yippee!!   

So for the next three days, I will be trying hard to fill it with as much summer fun as I can and then I will walk my baby girl down a new hallway at school and start a new adventure.  I will discuss the terror a new school year places in me later:)  Tonight, I will just go to bed and wake up to a few more fun filled days of summer and the nice thing is it is in the mid 80's around here right now and it will be a great week to play outdoors!

Summer fun!!!

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