Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Gotta love when your child's doctor walks into the waiting room to talk to you after your child was suppose to just have a scope done to look at a few things and he starts with saying "Well......"  We just laughed.  We have learned one thing with my sweet Emma Rose and that is to expect the unexpected with her.  Think Zebras not horses when it comes to medical things.  This was not the first time this doctor has come out and said well......

I told him I was making him a shirt that said that and he just laughed and laughed. 

Today was not an easy day and it started well before dawn.  But God is in control and right now I know one thing, my sweet girl is sound asleep in my bed dreaming of all things sparkly and princesses. 

I will share more later about what happened today, but I am tired and need some rest.  So good night all!

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