Tuesday, April 9, 2013

CCK How Do You Feel?

We feel so good...

I heard that cheer for three days and loved it every time.  Why?  Because that meant we were at the Center for Courgeous Kids for the weekend.  This is the most amazing place in the world for my sweet Emma.  It is a special needs camp that host family weekends for different medical groups during the school year and then summer camps in the summer for children.  Emma started attending when she was three and in a wheelchair, and now she got to spend her seventh birthday there.  She was so very happy! 

We arrived at Camp and the whole staff started running up to Emma and calling her by name.  One staff member even at dinner with us that night, talking about how much she had changed over the years.  She was in awe at her new speech and her ability to walk and run now.  I was so excited to share this weekend with both kids and my husband.  It is a nice break for us since we dont have to cook, clean or do chores and we get an extra set of hands with the college student who helps each family. 

I could spend hours writing about our weekend, but instead I will share some of the amazing pictures from the weekend.  Did I mention both kids rode a horse, canoed for the first time, fished, bowled, did woodshop, went to a dance, mom and dad got a parents night out with pizza and bowling, played ball in the gym, and got beauty makeovers in the beauty shop.

 Dancing after meals

 The birthday girl's bed got decorated while she slept
 presents at camp
 Birthday girl and brother ready for a full day of camp fun
 horse barn
 not sure at first
 happy boy
 Emma loves horseback time
Emma with her sweet friend for the weekend!
 princess wave for mommy

 Siesta after lunch
 the kids love the bowling alley and the gameroom

 toy corner
 helping clean up after dinner
 beauty time
 painting one of the college boys nails
 One tired now seven year old after a full day of camp and an hour dance
 Boating on Sunday
 We left Taylor on the dock with Emily this time, since he did not like boating on Saturday
 Fishing time

 sitting on the dock with my boy
 Emma's fish
 Emma helping Logan in the bowling alley

 Our Family with the Cubby banner for our weekend.  It will hang in the dinning hall for a year.
Us with the amazing college student who helped us all weekend.  Both kids loved her and she was so great with them.  She jumped right in and loved on our kids and helped us out.  Emma loved piggieback rides with her and getting her nails done by her.  We loved having such a sweet young lady spend time with us at such a great place.  Thanks to her for helping us have such an amazing weekend.
CCK is an amazing place, and we love every visit there.  My sweet little Rose gets to be a kid in a safe place where people do not stare at her or make fun of her.  It is a safe place for Emma to explore and just be a kid.  That is the best part of the weekend.  That and the fact that we get to do it as a family.  Taylor had just as much fun as Emma and we loved the memories that we created.  I am thankful for CCK and that there is a place that families can go and be safe for free.  The medical staff and the camp staff are amazing and May God Bless them for working with these kids who so deserve a place to just be a kid.  Looking forward to many more memories at CCK!

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