Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Daddy Down

Well this has been a fun filled week so far....not!  Daniel came home Monday sick and has strep.  We are on day three of him barely able to move.  Hoping today the meds kick in and I get my wonderful hubby back!  I am one tired mom; tackling his chores ontop of mine is about done me in.  I have realized just how lucky I am to have such a wonderful husband/father to my kids.  He not only works full time but does so much to help ease my work load at home.  Thanks Daniel!  Now get well!

Taylor also has strep, just got back from the ped dr with him.  He is cranky!  I miss my sweet natured boy!  Praying he gets well soon!

So the women of the house are currently the only two standing and I hope we stay that way.  I am washing and scrubbing all I can. Up next new toothbrushes for all!  Be gone germs!

I hope to soon post about our Halloween and a few other fall fun we have had.  But too tired now to do so.  Please pray the men get better soon and the women stay well!

Love one tired mommy!

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