Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Small steps, make big smiles!

Lately Emma has started to really show some gains on her academic skills.  It has happened all of a sudden and we are so excited.  We are hoping that since her hearing and speech is taking off that her other skills are finally clicking into place as well.  I thought I would share some of the cool new skills Emma is showing:
1.  Writing much smaller and sort of on the line
2.  Being able to copy some other letters when she sees them written
3.  Actually coloring more in the lines and not just scribbling all over.  She is also using more colors as well
4.  Finally being able to sing part of the ABC song:)  she says LMNOP which is the hardest part but she is so proud!! 
5.  Being able to sing more songs she hears (but I will admit I am a little over Jingle Bells)
6.  Answering more questions correctly and showing much more understand of words in general.
7.  Talking up a storm:)

These are small steps but they make my mommy heart smile!  I am so proud of her learning and experiencing more and more.  She constantly makes me smile and proud!  My favorite new saying is "it smells good"  when you put her new Bath and Body lotion from her Great grandmother!  It is so cute how she says it:)

Baby steps, big smiles all around!!

Cant wait to see whatelse 2012 brings......

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