Friday, January 20, 2012

10 Months

It is a little late but wanted to share about Taylor now that he is 10 months old.

Wow little boy, you have changed so much in the past month.  You no longer stay where I put you, but crawl all over the house!  And I mean all over the house!  You can find every light socket, piece of food dropped or toliet around.  You are a busy boy!  Your favorite place to be is wherever I am or in your sister's room while she is at school:)  We promise to not tell her!  You are trying to stand but not quite there yet, which I am so fine with, you are fast enough crawling.  Your sister is not a huge fan of your crawling, since you can get in her stuff, but she is getting better about it.  She has shown more jealously since you started moving, but she is getting more and more excited as you are now starting to play for real (a little).  I find you two playing in the play kitchen a lot and it is so cute to see you chewing on the food as Emma pretends to cook.  You two also play with your little car track and with balls too. 

You still have no teeth!  I know hard to believe but not a tooth in your head yet!  Your sister was a late tooth person too, so I have a feeling you are taking after her on that account.  But you love food! You do pretty good to just have gums.  You love cheese toast, puffs, yogurt melts, maple cinnamon gerber snacks, green beans, peas, and crackers, and you have tried chinese veggie dumplings and love them too.  You still eat some baby food since you are still toothless and you really love yogurt with cereal:) 

You are strong willed for sure and love to shake your head no and blow spit bubbles at everyone.  You love to jump in your johnny jumper and love to dance or shake your booty as your sister says!  You are happy almost all day long, unless hungry.  You are still a wonderful nurser and love to cuddle with mommy in the middle of the night, but mostly you sleep pretty good.  I will take one waking for now.  Naps on the other hand are a struggle, you either nap really good or not at all.  But we are working on it!

I am so proud of how much you are growing and changing.  Just so I remember:  You are wearing 18 months because your legs are to big for 12 months:)  They are big but work when we roll the sleeves and legs, you wear a 3 diaper and weigh around 23 or so pounds I believe but could be more.  Your smile lights the most darkest days and your giggle makes everyone's day!  Love you my little Son


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