Monday, March 16, 2009

Bring on the Rain

I love this photo of Emma,it is from her friends Kadence's birthday party. She loved hiding out in the "tent". I can not say I blame her right now, since we are spending more and more time at the doctors.

The other night, while starting to clean out what is suppose to be our office/art room, I heard a song that really fit my current life. It was "Bring on the Rain" by Jo Dee Mesina. The part I really loved was: The battle lost but not the war, so bring on the rain"

WOW !! That is my life to a tee right now. So, much is going with Emma, but we are not really getting any real answers or solutions. We just keep finding out new things about her or something new to try to make it better, but no real explanations as to why or how to fix it all for good. You can read all about what is going on with her on her website , but I do not feel like going into it all here.

So, anyway, I feel that I am fighting a battle that is never going to be won. We make advances and we get kicked back but the war is still going on and the war will never end. We will fight till my girl is well. However, the rain is falling on our family hard and fast. We are not sure where to hide, but we are hiding together (her daddy and me that is) We spent the weekend trying to not drown, but it is really hard. We are not sure where to go or what to do next. We are constantly having to either give her medicine or do her treatment for her belly. We are seeing so many doctors right now it is making us all crazy, Emma included.

So, where do we find shelter from this rainstorm? I am not sure, but someday the rain either has to stop or at least slow done right??


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