Monday, December 8, 2014


This weekend was one of my favorite Christmas Traditions, girl day to see the Mini Nutcracker with my mom and daughter.  We have been going for a few years now and it is so much fun.  It is a shortened version put on by the local parks dance division.  It is a great show and Emma loves it!  We also go to lunch together and it is a special memory for all of us.  This year we laughed at Emma staring open mouthed a lot.  We were in row six this year and she could really see and hear better!  It was a fun afternoon.  Girl days rock!!

All little pattern craziness but we clean up pretty nice!
 Emma meet the flower princess.  she was pretty:)  
 Well it was not just girls, Papa got to drive us and eat lunch with us.  He went and hung out somewhere else during the show, but he took Emma (and us ) to get a hot chocolate after the show.  She loves hot chocolate and never had been to Starbucks.  She thought she was hot stuff with her name on the cup.  She asked if we could go everyday.  
 After a fun day with just the girls, we opted to go see some really cool local lights with Daddy and Taylor too.  This is also another tradition we do.  Last year it was really cold, so we were happy for slightly warmer winter weather Saturday night.  We walked around the awesome display and Taylor was in heaven.  He is all about the lights!  After dinner at a favorite Chinese place we drove around near our house for thirty minutes looking at more lights.  We have a very decorated neighborhood.  Taylor kept squealing and laughing.  HE loves all things Christmas.  
Memories don't have to cost a lot, some of the best are free:)  

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