Monday, August 3, 2009

Night Time Visits

The last couple of nights Emma has been visiting us in the middle of the night. She, without making noise, gets out of her bed and scoots on her bottom all the way across our house to our room, and I wake up to her tugging on my covers. It is so werid to have her be able to get to us at night. However, it is so funny to see the smile on her face because she is so proud of herself for making it to mommy and daddy. It is a little scary though to have her wake us like that. Now, I am waking a lot to look to see if she is in our room, and I am having dreams of finding her laying on the floor in the living room asleep or something. But she willing goes back to her room with a little drink and a fresh diaper. So, far she has done this four times. I must admit that I find it funny to have her sneaking out of her room to find us.

I am also loving it since, it is such a normal three year old behavior to have her getting out of bed. That is something new for us, but I am loving this normal behavior. Yes, I am sleepy but smiling inside and out that my baby girl is so big and such a toddler.

We are having to be more careful of leaving doors open since she is getting up, but so far no injuries or messes. Just fun and freedom.

She did pull to stand beside her toddler bed from sitting on the ground. Big step for Emma and we are so proud of her and her little legs. Keep up the good work!

Love and more nightime visitors

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