Sunday, September 24, 2017

The Character Builder's Bible

The Character Builder's Bible: 60 Character-Building Stories from the Bible

I honestly love love children's books.  My house has them all over the place.  I love to review Tyndale Houses Children's Books because they are so well done.  I don't think I have had one I did not like.  This one however, in my current season on parenting, may quickly become my favorite.  

This book is so on point for what I am working hard to instill in my own children at this time.  I want to really focus on them learning godly character traits.  This beautiful book will help me to do this in a way my children can easily understand and it even ties it into everyday life for you.  I love when you can link Biblical stories with today it really helps children to see why these traits are so important.  

I love how large the book is, it makes it easy to use as a family time together.  Both of my children can see it while I read it with them.  I love how the title draws you into the story, then the statement to follow the story helps tie it up well.  Then, you get to read and see the cute little comic style everyday life application of the trait.  This will be a nice part for my child who doesn't understand abstract well.  It will show her a way that is true to what she sees weekly.

I am looking forward to using this book for a long time to come.  But if you don't trust my opinion then please go here to read mine and more reviewers opinions of this beautifully done book.

Thank you Tyndale house for allowing me to have a copy of this book for my honest opinion of the book in a blog review.  


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